Feety Chair Bands for Kids (5 Color Pack)

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Feety Chair Bands for Kids – (5 Pack) ADHD Bouncy Kick Fidget for Elementary, Middle, High School Students and Fidgety Adults – Best for Classroom Chairs and Desks (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue)

Package of 5 Fidget Chair Bands


  • KID’S CHOICE – Recommended by professionals and parents all around the world. A great fidget toy for sensory children and fidgety kids. Specially designed to suit every child at every age. Boys and girls, from kindergarten to elementary, middle, and high school – Kids love Feety!
  • REDUCES STRESS AND ANXIETY – Feety Chair Bands helps your children stay seated in their chair while they are relaxed, calm, and especially happy – the best way for your kid to spend the day at home or in school. These bands can be used as a treatment for ADHD, ADD, SPD and autism.
  • INCREASES FOCUS AND ATTENTION – Encourages a learning environment while not interfering with other students by allowing your kid to release extra energy while sitting in their chair. These bands help children of any age maintain concentration over time by allowing them to move freely and let out energy while staying in their seat.
  • QUIET AND EXTRA DURABLE – Made from thick natural rubber, Feety Fidget Foot Bands are particularly durable, stable, and elastic – specially built to hold the weight of any child or adult. Ensures that the user can stretch, kick, and bounce the bands quietly without making noise or causing distractions.
  • SIMPLE AND EASY TO INSTALL – Stretches around the two front legs of a school chair. Can be switched between chairs or desks at any time.